About Us

With a wife and a baby on the way, the cost of living in the city became prohibitive for Alfonso. Far beyond the city boundaries, other builders began to develop sprawling neighborhoods of cookie-cutter houses on doily-sized lots. They’re pretty but too cramped (for a growing family) and too far out of the city center. Alfonso became a stressed out man-in-the-middle, faced with no choice but to take the long daily commute–or pay big city prices. There was no middle ground. “Pagod ka na papunta sa trabaho, pagod ka pa pag-uwi…” “Alfonso deserves better. He deserves a real home, accessible to his work… a cocoon of good living.” This page is DEDICATED to all the Alfonso’s out there in the Philippines looking to find more information about investing in Real Estate in the Philippines.

Company History

David M. Consunji was a young cement inspector before he started DMCI, a construction company, in 1954. As a young cement inspector many people had admired him for his generosity, ingenuity, integrity, and hard work. Staying consistent with his core values he was able to achieve great endeavors including the establishment of DMCI– one of the largest construction company’s in the Philippines today.

As the company grew, DMCI diversified into the real estate industry. In 1999, DMCI Homes was founded and has since provided homes to over 17,000 families. This blog was inspired under the same principles DMCI Homes adheres to: “Its not just what we’ve built. Its the lives we continue to build.” This blog was instituted to help individuals and families in search of helpful information regarding investing in real estate. Our goal with the new Alfonso’s Page remains to give our visitors the opportunity to take a look inside DMCI Homes and to interact with us. This is as much your site as it is ours, and we have expanded our Team to represent an even more diverse cross-section of our Company.

We want to build a personal relationship between our Team and you, and we need your participation. Everyone is encouraged to join in, and you don’t need to register to read, watch, or comment. We are open to all comments and we encourage anyone and everyone to share with us your comments.

Integrity, excellence, interdependence, and customer orientation are all the values we stand for here at DMCI Homes. We will try to do our best to ensure that this site displays those qualities, and we want our home to be a fun place to learn about what we do and to hopefully develop relationships will all of our visitors. You are the “other half” of this blog, you complete us and our Team can’t wait to communicate with you.

This is the part where we will quickly discuss the guidelines for this site, of course, profanity, racial and ethnic slurs, and rude behavior like insulting personal remarks won’t be tolerated nor published.

Our Team wants to engage in a conversation with you, but not every post will receive a response from us. However, we encourage you to respond to our bloggers and to the comments of other individuals.


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