Saving Green while Living Green

With St. Patrick’s Day already over, there are still many ways to go green. In this post, we will focus on the homeowner and how they can live greener while saving some money as well. Going green is an initiative that will not only help your wallet, but also our planet and everyone living in it; just imagine that you will be making our planet healthier for your kids to live in.

Many think that going green is expensive and tedious, however, we will show you inexpensive tips and methods with easy-to-follow steps to ‘greening your home’.

1. Recycle- Remember that this step is just as easy as putting another trash can specifically for plastic, paper, or aluminum. Not only does recycling reduce the consumption of raw materials, but an accumulated amount of recyclable material can earn you some pesos in the process.  Recycling does not refer solely to the disposal of materials but also the pragmatic ways in which we use our materials. Try to maximize the use of your equipment from beginning all the way to the disposal of it.

2. Energy Efficiency- Change your old appliances; preferably with the new inverter technology that claims to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. A general note to remember is that the older the appliance, the less energy-efficient they are. To explain the inverter technology would require a whole different post for a different time. Please visit this Panasonic website for more info. on the inverter technology for a refrigerator.

3. Nature- Be sure to use mother nature to help you conserve energy. Use natural light to brighten your room or home by opening blinds and windows. Natural sunlight has been proven to enlighten your moods, so make sure you are exposing yourself to sunlight at times you are not feeling so well. During summer days, make it a point to optimize natural winds to create circulation within your home.

The little things:


Turn your toilet tank blue or red (preferably green). Pour food coloring into the water in the tank, wait a couple hours, then check to see if any color has seeped into the bowl. If it has, your tank’s flapper is leaking, either from mineral build-up or it is worn. Afterwards, flush the dye away so it doesn’t stain, then head to pick a replacement for the flapper assembly. Toilet leaks waste up to a gallon of water per minute. That’s more than 516,000 gallons a year.

Run the shower. Place a small 1-gallon bucket under the running water and determine how long it takes for it to fill up. If it’s less than 20 seconds, replace the showerhead with one that sprays 1.5 gallons per minute. That could save as much as 14,600 gallons of water a year–especially if you limit your showers to 10 minutes.

Reference: CNN Carbon Footprint


Keep your refrigerator cooling to around 98 – 104 F, no more to keep bacteria at bay. For the freezer ideal temperatures between 32 – 40 F. Try to insert a peso bill within the suction of the refrigerator and determine whether there is resistance or not. The least resistance could mean that the rubber seal may not be tight enough.

Just a quick reminder that next Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 8:30 pm everyone is encouraged to turn off their lights for Earth hour.

What are your ways of going green? Share your experiences with us.


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With a wife and a baby on the way, the cost of living in the city became prohibitive for Alfonso. Far beyond the city boundaries, other builders began to develop sprawling neighborhoods of cookie-cutter houses on doily-sized lots. They’re pretty but too cramped (for a growing family) and too far out of the city center. Alfonso became a stressed out man-in-the-middle, faced with no choice but to take the long daily commute--or pay big city prices. There was no middle ground. “Pagod ka na papunta sa trabaho, pagod ka pa pag-uwi…” “Alfonso deserves better. He deserves a real home, accessible to his work… a cocoon of good living.” This page is DEDICATED to all the Alfonso's out there in the Philippines looking to find more information about investing in Real Estate in the Philippines.
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