First things first.

Hello to all,

We would like to welcome you to Alfonso’s Page, the official DMCI Homes blog. We hope that this blog will provide you with useful information regarding matters involving real estate; whether you are a homeowner, prospective buyer, or a seller, we would love to provide you our advice and opinions in the real estate industry. Our goals for this site include the following:

1. To give up-to-date information on the real estate industry in the Philippines. We hope to provide you the information needed to help make your decision on purchasing or investing in a home easier. By providing you key news articles regarding real estate, we hope that you are able to get better acquainted with the direction that the real estate industry is taking, thus helping you make a better decision.

2. To develop and create a community where online homeowners, prospective buyers, and even sellers can congregate and share comments and ideas. We would like to encourage you to share your comments and ideas on all topics discussed in this blog. Through our social media efforts, we hope to develop healthy relationships with all of you. One of our hopes in starting this blog is to allow you–our customers, sellers, homeowners, and buyers– to share your experience with DMCI Homes–your own ‘DMCI Homes story’.

3. To provide you with our expertise and advice on matters regarding real estate. DMCI Homes is one of the leading developers here in the Philippines; with our expertise, we would like to share with you our advice regarding matters in real estate. Answering some of the common questions like: What 10 things should I look for when purchasing a home? A ‘house and lot’ vs. a condominium unit? Will my home increase in value over the years? What is the importance of using quality construction materials?

4. Through our blog, we hope to become better acquainted with all of you by sharing our DMCI Homes story. We would like to take this blog as an opportunity for our company to share with you a more personalized perspective of DMCI Homes.

We, the blog team of DMCI Homes, will try our very best to fulfill and go beyond our said goals. This blog is dedicated to our constituents and to further help develop relationships with all of you.


About Alfonso's Page

With a wife and a baby on the way, the cost of living in the city became prohibitive for Alfonso. Far beyond the city boundaries, other builders began to develop sprawling neighborhoods of cookie-cutter houses on doily-sized lots. They’re pretty but too cramped (for a growing family) and too far out of the city center. Alfonso became a stressed out man-in-the-middle, faced with no choice but to take the long daily commute--or pay big city prices. There was no middle ground. “Pagod ka na papunta sa trabaho, pagod ka pa pag-uwi…” “Alfonso deserves better. He deserves a real home, accessible to his work… a cocoon of good living.” This page is DEDICATED to all the Alfonso's out there in the Philippines looking to find more information about investing in Real Estate in the Philippines.
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